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Introducing the NEW FLAX & FONIO Ancient Grain Crackers.

Everything Flax and Fonio crackers
Everything Flax and Fonio crackers

A globe-spanning journey in search of extraordinary ingredients led us to West Africa, where independent farmers cultivate organic FONIO—a tiny yet mighty ancient grain that’s sustainable, nutritious & tasty.

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An ancient grain native to West Africa, FONIO has been nurtured & harvested by growers for more than 5000 years.

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Fonio is a grain that, historically, was cultivated by the Fulani people. The Fulani people are amongst the biggest ethnic group on the entire African continent.

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The heart of the Fonio Belt is in a region called Futa, which is in the north of Guinea.

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The Futa is a very mountainous area, which makes the access to villages in the mountains very difficult.

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Fonio is incredibly tasty, but not only does it taste good, but it is incredibly versatile.

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Farmers tell us that a very important part for them is to sell the grain, to have an income, to buy fish, to buy meat, to pay for basic medical needs.

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Over the years, we've built an extensive network of growers in the Fonio Belt that allow us to source Fonio in a sustainable and ethical way. By buying Fonio, we can make very real and concrete improvements to the quality of lives of these farmers. It's the perfect product for our mission. Terra Ingredients, and that's why I'm so excited about the project, just helps to contribute, even in a small way, to give access to export markets, also tell their story. It's working with specific villages where we're not coming in and buying the grain and leaving. We're forming relationships where, over the long term, we can see and measure changes in those factors of quality of life, whether it's the flax farmer in North Dakota to the organic chickpea farmer in Argentina. We stay with people over the long term. This is where we see relationships over time where positive benefits are achieved. What better way than food to tell a story about where people come from, what they care about, and if we can

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do that at dinner, what better way to do it?

Flax & Fonio Garden Veggie cracker


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A very renewable food source.
Grows well without pesticides
Thrives in acidic, dry soil
Survives droughts & floods
Ready for harvest
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Partnering with Terra Ingredients to source fonio directly enables us to have a positive impact on the livelihoods of small scale West African farmers & their communities.

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Fonio is an extraordinarily difficult grain to process. People and companies have been trying to make an efficient process for many years. Fonio is raised and harvested by hand. It is an incredibly labor - intensive process. To transform Fonio from a raw form to ready -to -eat, it's mostly a process that can take up to six or seven hours. Women are by hand removing the hulls, getting the impurities out, hand -washing it in order to get the scent removed from the grain, then dry it,

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then steam cook it, and dry it again. And it's only after that entire process that you're able to prepare the Fonio and serve it as a meal. Terra Ingredients has entered into a joint partnership with a food manufacturer in Dakar, Senegal. We've spent about 12 months in R &D to efficiently develop a system that de -hull, de -sand, clean and process the Fonio in a way that's acceptable to the strict standards of our customers. Our food facility in West Africa allows us to transform the raw Fonio into a ready -to -eat form. We're processing experts with a GFSI certified facility and we know what our customer needs in terms of food safety, quality, traceability. Traceability is key for Terra Ingredients. When you buy from Terra Ingredients, you buy directly from the source. With Terra Ingredients, you can have a direct and positive impact on small -scale farmers in West Africa.