Are Flackers vegan?

Yes! Flackers are vegan. They’re made with no animals or animal byproducts.

Are Flackers gluten-free?

Yes, Flackers are certified gluten-free! Each Flackers cracker is made with just a few simple ingredients—organic flax seeds, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and herbs and spices depending on the recipe.

Are Flackers kosher?

Yes! Flackers are certified kosher.

Are Flackers low-carb and good for my ketogenic diet?

Yes! Flackers are a low net carb snack with loads of fiber making them great for a ketogenic diet. Some Flackers flavors, like Sea Salt, have only 1g net carb. 

What ingredients are in Flackers recipes?

Each batch of Flackers is crafted with organic flax seeds, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and herbs and spices. That’s it! Recipe information for specific flavors can be found on each product page in our shop.

What is fonio?

Fonio is an ancient grain native to West Africa, FONIO has been nurtured & harvested by growers for more than 5000 years. Check out the videos from our supplier on this page to learn more! 

Is flax seed a low glycemic food?

Flax seed is considered a low glycemic food due to its high fiber content. Yay!

How do I order Flackers wholesale or in bulk?

Please check out our Wholesale ordering options through FAIRE or Mable. For information about other distribution options please contact sales@flackers.com.