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  • Fall Recipes to Try with Your Favorite Flackers

    Craving some healthy fall foods to eat with your Flackers? Here are some of our recent favorites that highlight our Rosemary, Cinnamon & Currants, and Sea Salt Flackers.  Broccoli soup with Rosemary Flackers This recipe from Gordon Ramsay is a classic and a must-have in every kitchen. Using ... View Post
  • Why Simple Ingredients Matter to Us

    Simple ingredients are everything we stand for at Flackers. We focus our energy on creating clean foods with real, organic, whole ingredients. Using simple ingredients in our flaxseed cracker recipes makes for a healthier snack—as opposed to a laundry list of cracker ingredients you’ve never hear... View Post
  • 2 Quick Rotisserie Chicken Lunch Recipes

    Whether you’re heading back to school yourself, getting your kids ready to hit the books, or gearing up for fall projects at work, a quick, easy and healthy lunch is something we all need in a pinch. There’s nothing easier than dressing up an already perfectly cooked and crisped rotisserie chic... View Post