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  • How to Make the Perfect Holiday Cheese Board (with Vegan Options!)

    Nothing brings together a holiday gathering quite like a fancy cheese board. Since you don’t need to cook anything for a cheese board, they’re simple to shop for and quite easy to make.  Below is a guide you can follow to create a delicious cheese board this holiday season. Feel free to get crea... View Post
  • Pumpkin Spice Hummus Dip Recipe

    This easy-to-make pumpkin spice hummus is a great way to celebrate fall flavors and spice up a versatile, traditionally healthy snack. Chickpeas and pumpkin puree are lightly sweetened with maple syrup and a blend of cozy fall spices that make a seriously delightful midday snack or even a little ... View Post
  • Lentil Dip with Sheep's Milk Cheese, Dill and Capers

    Lentils are one of those amazing staple ingredients that can find a place in the kitchen no matter the season. However—there is something extra special about lentils when the leaves begin to turn, the weather starts to cool, and you begin to crave dishes with a little more substance. This recipe... View Post