How to Make the Perfect Holiday Cheese Board (with Vegan Options!)

How to Make the Perfect Holiday Cheese Board (with Vegan Options!)

Nothing brings together a holiday gathering quite like a fancy cheese board. Since you don’t need to cook anything for a cheese board, they’re simple to shop for and quite easy to make. 

Below is a guide you can follow to create a delicious cheese board this holiday season. Feel free to get creative with yours—and make sure to tag Flackers on Instagram so we can share your tasty creations! 


The star of the show (besides Flackers, of course)! We used a mix of vegan and traditional cheeses to create the most accessible board for everyone’s preferences and lifestyles. Tip: Make sure to label which cheeses are traditional and which are plant-based.

For our board, we chose blue cheese, parmesan, gouda, plant-based white cheddar, and a  plant-based garlic herb cheese spread.

Below is a list of the types of cheeses you can mix-and-match to create your holiday cheese board. We recommend using 3-4 different cheeses to build your board. However, make sure to choose the right amount and mix of cheeses as needed to satisfy the size of your gathering.

Many of the cheeses below are available in vegan varieties. Check out your local grocery store to see what they have!

Hard Cheese





Pecorino Romano

Soft Cheese




Cheese spreads

Crumbly Cheese

Blue cheese





Nuts & Crunchies

Nuts are an excellent, hearty snack that add a substantial boost of good fats to your cheese board. Try with herbed nuts, candied walnuts, Marcona almonds, pistachios, cashews, spicy roasted cashews, or your favorite mix. You can’t go wrong no matter which nuts you choose!

As for crunchies—crispy chickpeas, picaquicos or corn nuts, roasted pumpkin seeds and kale chips are all good choices.

Holiday Cheese Board with Vegan Cheeses


Every cheese board should have a mix of crackers flavors to pair with cheeses and spreads. Made with just 3 ingredients, our Sea Salt Flackers are the perfect vehicle to help the most flavorful cheeses and spreads stand out.

For the milder cheeses and spreads, we suggest pairing with our herb-forward Rosemary Flackers, or our Black Sesame & Black Pepper Toasted Seed Crisps

And if you want a brilliant, crunchy, standalone cracker to wow your friends and family with—our new Flax & Fonio Ancient Grain Crackers will do just that. Try Garden Vegetable or Everything!


There’s nothing quite like pairing a rich cheese with a sweet jam on top of a crunchy cracker. Really any jam will fit right in on a cheese board. Our favorites are fig & cranberry jams for the holidays. 

Fall Fruits

Fall fruits are a juicy, fresh addition to round out the perfect cheese board. Try some seasonal favorites like sliced apples, pears, pomegranates, persimmons and grapes. 

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