Introducing new Toasted Flackers Seed Crisps!

Introducing new Toasted Flackers Seed Crisps!

We are thrilled to announce our brand-new Toasted Flackers Seed Crisps!

Like our original Flackers Flaxseed Crackers, our new Flackers Toasted Seed Crisps are made from a few simple ingredients. The three new flavor varieties—Hemp Seed & Hatch Green Chile, Black Sesame Seed & Black Pepper, and lightly salted Quinoa—all start with a base of organic flaxseed and finely shredded unsweetened coconut.

Each new variety features a nutrient-packed super seed and their own unique spices. Every batch is then lightly toasted to craft a crispy, crunchy, superfood snack that can be enjoyed on their own as the perfect snacking cracker (or with your favorite dips).

Hemp Seed & Hatch Green Chile 

Image of Toasted Flackers Seed Crisps

A delicious yet subtle kick of green chile. 

These perfectly seasoned crisps are mixed with hemp seed, which is exceptionally nutritious and rich in healthy fats, protein, and assorted minerals.

Black Sesame Seed & Black Pepper

Image of Black Pepper and Black Sesame Toasted Flackers Seed Crisps

A delightfully savory mix of superseed goodness and a hint of black pepper. Black sesame is high in healthy fats and Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as iron, fiber, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, making this Toasted Flacker equal parts delicious and nutritious.


Image of Quinoa Toasted Flackers Seed Crisps

A delicious super grain/seed meets the power of flax. High in protein and fiber, our Quinoa Seed Crisps are mixed with shredded coconut and lightly seasoned with sea salt to make a snacking cracker that packs a real crunch.

Try all 3 of our new Toasted Flackers Seed Crisps today—on sale in our online shop now.